Testimonials: What Artists Are Saying About The Studio Source Membership


We created The Studio Source because we’re artists who take their art and their businesses seriously. Sure, social media is a part of what we do, but we do so much more than that too. We decided to start The Studio Source with an Instagram course because it’s an incredible tool to help gain momentum for artists selling online. BUT it’s only one of the many tools we use, as such it’s only one of the courses you’ll see from us!

We have structured The Studio Source Membership anchored around a four-step framework of foundation courses (one released each quarter) that we will guide you through over the course of the year to provide all of the tools necessary to be profitable online.

  1. Instagram for Artists: Building a Brand & Reaching Your Ideal Client

  2. Websites for Artists: Creating the Most Effective Artist Site that Sells

  3. E-mail Lists: Growing Your List Full of Art Buyers

  4. Releasing a Collection: The Final Step, Releasing Your Work Online

We consider Instagram as the starting point for what we’ll help you build this year— a passion AND profit-driven business selling your art online.

This first Foundation Course helps you learn to use Instagram comfortably and confidently as a tool to develop your voice as an artist and refine your reach to your Ideal Client. After we’ve strengthened your instagram strategy we’ll guide you through the next steps to create your dream online art business.

Over the past two months we rolled out our first course, Instagram for Artists, to a very selective (and brave!) bunch of beta testers.

We knew we were onto something when we created The Studio Source, but it’s always best to let the results speak for themselves.

what our members are saying:

Hey Artists!
I just want to share that my experience being a beta member for The Studio Source Membership truly rocked. Allie and Lindsay have such a wealth of essential information and experience and are a joy to learn from.

We all learned and grew SO much, and my experience sharing my art with the world has definitely changed.
I feel more capable and empowered with all these new tools.
It’s also incredible to be in an intimate group of artists all learning together. The support, encouragement and camaraderie I’ve felt is amazing. 

My approach to Instagram has changed completely. It feels like a helping hand/friend that I know is the stepping stone to making my dreams come true instead of a game that can be confusing and frustrating. I’m seeing real change in engagement from followers as well as a slow and steady increase in numbers.

I post every day now, and make sure to share little details of my life that I know will help my followers feel connected to me and remember I’m a real human out there.

I highly recommend you all to check it out and join if it feels right!  - Julia @julialorettaarts

As another artist just starting the online game I highly recommend the studio source membership. Allie Snyder Dattilio and Lindsay Emery have been so helpful in answering questions and guiding me on IG.

I don’t have a ton of followers but thanks to The Studio Source they are engaged followers. Well most of them. And that is a lot more important. The support I’ve gotten from the other members is also priceless! - Amy @Amy.Kadrmas

I started on IG in 2011 with a personal account and I did some health coaching after that on IG where I was using it as a business platform and met a lot of people through it. I used to have some strategy for that business and such so I was somewhat hesitant to see if I would get anything out of this course. But I chose to come in with an open mindset.

On the surface level I can say yeah I know this stuff...but I have been looking under the surface and going deeper and working on applying what I've learned. It's almost like a business coach...I kind of know this info, but need encouragement and guidance to implement what I know.

I joined on a whim because I just had a feeling in my gut that I needed to join. But I came into this group feeling like I am way under qualified to be a member. I don't have an art degree, I haven't done collection releases, etc. I thought that I would just hang out in the background and take in what everyone else has to say. I was so wrong to think that.

I definitely think it was just feelings of doubt and the feelings of imposter syndrome. I am so glad I joined though. The connections and friendships I'm slowly building are invaluable in a business that can often feel isolating. I also realized I do have value to offer others and that I am not under qualified, I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.

But having the guidance of Lindsay and Allie to facilitate and encourage is incredibly helpful. I have never felt that you guys are out of reach, even though you both have been in business a lot longer, I don't feel as though you make it seem like it's an impossible level to attain. The knowledge and experience you offer us is in this group is applicable, and not just theoretical. - Ella @Ella.creates

A huge thank you to all of our Beta testers who took a chance on our new business idea! We’re so happy to have helped you grow your online art business and can’t wait to continue this journey with you!

Want to learn more about The Membership and the course content we have scheduled for 2019? Click here!

Lindsay + Allie

Cofounders, The Studio Source