What's Happening In The Membership Now: Our First Critiques!

The Studio Source Lindsay Emery Suite One Studio and Allie Dattilio

This week was an exciting milestone for us in The Membership! Our new members are a couple weeks into the course content in our signature Foundation Course, Instagram for Artists: Building a Brand & Reaching Your Ideal Client. Changes are already beginning to happen in their Instagram accounts, and the feedback has been wonderfully positive about all the new techniques they’re learning! As if that weren’t rewarding enough, we had our first Critiques— live video coaching calls with two of our Beta Artists, Meg O’Hara of @megoharacreative, and Ronei Faganello of @ronei.artist.

The Critiques are scheduled every two weeks for our members to join live, and we offer an opportunity for every member to apply to be in “the hot seat” for a catered 30 minutes coaching call all about their art business. As a little teaser of this membership perk we’re sharing some of the topics we discussed in our first ever Critique!

Topics of discussion in our first Critique:

  • Networking for commissions

  • Pitching yourself to brands

  • Focusing on your niche/signature style

  • Building/selling a collection

  • Prints/Alternative Products

If these topics catch your attention The Membership may be a great fit for you and your online art business. Our membership doors are currently closed, but they will be opening again in 2019 and we’d love to have you join us! Click here to add your name to The Waitlist! You’ll receive an email with membership opportunities the moment they’re available!

Lindsay + Allie