Our Favorite Tools for Instagram

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Instagram is our favorite social media platform, and has been most pivotal for growing our art businesses and reaching full-time incomes. It’s has been so crucial to our success, we devoted an entire Foundation Course in The Studio Source Membership devoted purely to our IG Strategies!

Today, we’ve gathered our top app recommendations that we use to help elevate our IG accounts, and make our lives easier!



FREE base plan. Additional features available with Adobe Creative Suite Subscription. Available as an app on your phone and desktop. Takes photo editing to the next level — especially helpful for achieving bright, consistent whites.

InShot Video Editor

FREE. Our go-to to edit timelapses and process videos. Crop, filter and adjust brightness, and add text to your videos.

(P.S. I always make sure to add my Instagram handle on each video in case it goes viral, I want to make sure I get credit! - Allie)


FREE. Don’t underestimate the power of their in-app editing! Allie’s favorite tool is their “Adjust” feature that helps straighten and square-up images— especially helpful when photographing 2-D works on canvas or paper. Helps your images look SO much more professional when they are square and straight!


Instagram is the most incredible free platform to build your brand and reach your ideal collectors.

Take just a few extra moments to make the most of it and elevate your images and reach using these apps.

Graphic Design


FREE. Available as an app for your phone and through your web browser on your computer.

A plethora of ready-made, customizable, beautifully designed templates for graphics/announcements/quotes for those not as confident with graphic design. You can also create graphics from scratch, if you’re so inclined!


FREE, with additional in-app purchases to access premium features. Templates + Collage Editor. Elevate your Instagram Stories using their beautiful templates.

You know those influencers creating those beautifully composed Instagram Stories? — good chance they’re using this app! Now ya know!

Planning + Strategy


FREE for their Basic plan. Our top planning recommendation! Rearrange and schedule posts. Discover best times to post. Free photo editor. Typography. Repost. Manage Comments and Mentions. Hashtag finder and hashtag analytics. Full Analytics for Instagram (and peep your competitors!)


FREE. Top recommendation for inspiration for hashtags. Enter one keyword, and it will generate related hashtag suggestions. (Great place to get you started — and then further personalize and tailor your hashtag sets.)