Top Tax Deductions for Artists


Tax season is upon us and as artists this can be a puzzling topic. You’re working and earning money from your art and you’re buying supplies to keep your business running… but what does that mean exactly?

Sounds like it’s time to start talking about taxes and bookkeeping. If that instantly makes your heart start beating faster, take a deep breath. We’re here to begin demystifying this topic and help you feel empowered by learning about your business’s numbers.

Ready to get this conversation started? Let’s start with an easy checklist of those seemingly obvious but often overlooked deductions that you probably use every single day without even realizing it!

Artist Tax Deductions.jpg

top tax deductions for artists

Click this LINK to download + print.

This downloadable checklist will help you begin thinking about your common work purchases and necessary goods as deductibles that will save you money come filing time… not just as expenses.

Want to take your bookkeeping organization to the next level?

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