Featured Member: Michelle Barkway


Each week we are going to give a little shoutout to a particular member who we notice really putting in the effort to implement our strategies, support one another, and take the brave steps to growing their businesses!

This week we're celebrating member, Michelle Barkway! We love Michelle's work! Her graphic forms and bold color planes challenge our assumptions of landscape paintings and we love that!

In addition to creating a cohesive body of artwork in a clear style, Michelle is creating a cohesive instagram feed in a clear style. 

Last week she posted in our Member's Only Facebook Group that she had accidentally worked a pink hue into her feed and she wasn't sure if that color pop would undo the cohesive quality her feed was now achieving. Rather than delete the post, Michelle has used her subsequent posts as an opportunity to turn that 'oops!' moment into a strength in her feed.

Not only are we loving the introduction of a new complementary color in her feed of predominately blue and green, we also love the way she navigated this challenge! We can all learn something from that!

Follow Michelle's inspiring instagram feed here!