Featured Member: Ronei


This week we're celebrating one of our most engaging Members, Ronei! You've probably seen Ronei lending her support to other Members over in our private FB group and it's time to celebrate our support for her! 

Ronei (pronounced Ron-eh) joined us back in fall 2018 as one of our Beta artists. She helped us fine-tune the courses you're now taking by providing honest feedback when we were in our earliest stages of developing The Studio Source resources. We're so appreciative of her support!

We've had the opportunity to conduct two Critiques with Ronei-- one when she was first getting started developing her signature style and navigating the online world as an artist, and a second follow-up Critique several months later to hear how well she's doing! (Watch past Critiques here.)

Ronei's signature style has developed into a cohesive body of work and her story-telling to accompany her paintings adds emotional depth to her beautiful artwork. She is a living example of the magic hard-work, vulnerability, and creativity can make when passionately pursued. We're so inspired!

To see more of her work, follow Ronei here on instagram!