The Studio Source was founded in 2018 by artists, Allie Dattilio and Lindsay Emery.

Recognizing a void for artists to develop community, share resources, and to find encouragement to take their businesses seriously as money making careers; they hatched a plan.

Allie Dattilio is a fine artist painting her signature #goldleaflandscapes that have amassed a loyal following amongst top-tier interior designers and art collectors. As a new mom and full-time artist she knows first hand the challenges of building a thriving creative business. www.alliedattilio.com

Lindsay Emery is the ceramicist and designer behind, Suite One Studio known for painterly glazes, feminine finishes, and flourishes of genuine gold that have created a new aesthetic within handmade pottery and commercial tableware. www.suiteonestudio.com

After fostering a friendship online for several years that centered around support, openness, and motivation they decided to cultivate a community of likeminded artists who were searching for the same!