Like a good ol’ art school crit, but way nicer and more fun!

Each month Lindsay and Allie host a 60 minute Critique, coaching 2 members in each session with with tailored advice, tackling questions and helping them improve their art and business.

While the coaching is directed for each individual, we encourage you to join us and tune in live! Some of the best learning is through paying attention to the advice given to others!

Critiques are hosted live with Allie & Lindsay, every other Thursday afternoon, 2:00 pm EST via Zoom. Click the button above to join a call in progress!

All Critiques are recorded and archived. Click the button above to learn from past coaching calls.


Interested in a private, more in-depth Critique?

Allie and Lindsay are opening up their schedules for a limited number of one-on-one, 60 minute coaching sessions each month. These calls are private, and not shared with other members.

To schedule, follow this LINK and use the exclusive discount code MEMBERS40 at checkout for $100 off.

Want to be on the hot seat for our next Critique? Apply below!

We do request that members complete at least one Foundation Course, before applying for a critique.

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We do ask that you complete the first course "Instagram for Artists" before your first Critique.
Currently, we hold Critiques live Thursdays at 12:00pm EST. (This is subject to change)