Masterclass interview with Artist/Influencer, Meg Biram.

Best practices, tips and tricks to use Pinterest strategically to impact your business.

Video interview with Allie Dattilio and workbook.

Featuring a process checklist, tips for receiving commission requests and creating a successful experience.

Workbook featuring best practices for shipping, packaging artwork, and pricing strategies for shipping costs.

Plus, bonus videos from Lindsay & Allie demonstrating their packing technique.

Video interview with Lindsay Emery and workbook.

Featuring our process checklist, a year’s worth of prompts, tips for Pinterest and monetizing your blog through affiliate links!


Masterclass with California-based, tax attorney Braden Drake

A step-by-step guide to become legally compliant and protect your business.

Twelve-page workbook featuring best practices, deduction checklists, recommended bookkeeping routine and tax advice.

A workbook focused on goal-setting, financial planning and business growth for 2019.


July: Pinterest

August: Pricing

September: Licensing